What does Touch Bar do?

You can control your Nova by touching the Touch Bar at the middle bottom of your Soundwall. Try this new feature by touching it in the following ways:

Single Touch to play (nothing playing) – When nothing is playing, touch the Touch Bar briefly once. This singer touch will trigger a short tone. This will start playing a track from your Play Art or Art Story.

Single Touch to pause – When something is playing, a single touch will pause the music. When your Nova is paused, you will see white lights at the top and bottom of Nova indicating the track is paused. The lights slowly go away during the period of pausing. To resume, single touch again. Once the track starts playing again, the pause lights will go away.

Double touch to skip – Double touch the Touch Bar. You will hear two short beeps, one for each touch. The second touch must happen with .4 seconds of the first touch. This will skip to the next track.

Long touch to stop – Simply hold your hand on the Touch Bar. You will first hear a short confirmation tone, continue to hold until you hear a longer confirmation tone. This will happen within 1.5 seconds. This will stop what’s playing or paused. This will also turn off the pause lights.

You can also customize other actions for the Touch Bar when nothing is playing, by using the -> Customization-> Advanced Options -> Touch Bar and Presence Preferences page.  Options include turning on and off the LED lights, or customizing your music selection to Therapy sounds or Pandora. In a future release, you will be able to play a Spotify playlist.

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